First create an account here so that you can buy a balloon for £21

The more balloons you enter, the more chances you have of winning!

Customise your Balloon

Because this is a virtual race – YOU can personalise your balloon by choosing the size, shape and even the thickness of the rubber; you can decide how much virtual helium you use; you can change the colour or upload a photograph onto your balloon.

When the virtual balloon race is ‘launched’ on Saturday 8th September, the actual prevailing weather conditions for the launch area on the day will be applied to ALL the balloons in the race equally. An advanced computer modelling programme using Google maps and weather data, will then ‘track’ how each balloon reacts to the weather conditions during the race.

A larger, more aerodynamic balloon may fly faster – but it is also at greater risk of exploding, if weather conditions make the balloon rise too high or too fast. If the rubber you select is too thin, the air pressure within your balloon may make it burst; too much ‘helium’ and it could pop early, too little and it might crawl along at a low level or burst on the nearest tree or pylon.

Enter your balloon by 12 noon on Saturday 8th September

Follow your balloons progress

Throughout the race you can track your balloons progress online in real time by logging into your account. Have you chosen the winner?

100% environmentally friendly

Unlike a traditional balloon race – where the balloon can cause possible hazard to wildlife, The Naomi House & Jacksplace balloon race is 100% environmentally friendly! There is no actual balloon, no string or label, no helium gas. But it’s just as unpredictable as a real race!

Our virtual balloon race is 100% eco-friendly. We don't kill any animals or birds because our balloons are NOT real! .

For example, a larger, more aerodynamic balloon may fly faster – but it is also at a greater risk of exploding! Balloons made of latex rubber are notoriously vulnerable. So if you chose thin rubber to make your balloon fly higher and therefore faster, your balloon could just explode if the wind speeds become excessive! But if your balloon is flying low towards rocky ground, it could strike an electricity pylon or be burst by a church spire. Choose your balloon carefully.